Faculty of Law

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Private and Property Law is one of the pioneer departments of the Faculty of Law from inception in the year 1992. It was formerly called the Department of Private Law till it was renamed the Department of Private and Property Law in the year 2017 when the Department of Business and Industrial Law was carved out from it. All courses that are within the realm of private relations and mostly between individuals, protection of property rights, conveyancing, family relations, interpersonal rights protection, including inheritance rights are domiciled there. The courses in the department have a code- LPT signifying private Law. It was a bigger department till the Department of Business and Industrial Law was carved out from it in the year 2017 to cater to courses within the sphere of commercial law, proprietary rights protection, intellectual property and industrial relations legal framework.

The Objectives of the Department are to:

  • expose students to the basic skills in courses available in the Department;
  • train the students and relate these subjects to their application in practice;
  • inculcate in the students the necessary skills to carry out independent research and at a more advanced level in these subject areas;
  • encourage collaborative partnership and linkages in training and research with other institutions of learning locally and internationally;
  • contribute to the manpower needs of the University, the country and the international community in the subject areas taught in the Department; and
  • attract funds and grants to promote research in Private and Property Law and related subjects.

List of Courses Domiciled in the Department of Private Law

LPT 303: Law of Torts I (4 Units)

LPT 304: Law of Tort II (4 Units)

LPT 311: Family Law I (4 Units)

LPT 312: Family Law II (4 Units)

LPT 313: Customary Law (4 Units)

LPT 314: Islamic Law (4 Units)

LPT 401: Land Law I (4 Units)

LPT 402: Land Law II (4 Units)

LPT 403: Principles of Equity (4 Units)

LPT 404: Law of Trusts (4 Units)

LPT 519: Law of Conveyancing I (4 Units)

LPT 520: Law of Conveyancing II (4 Units)