Faculty of Law

Brief History of the Department

Department of Business and Industrial Law is one of the newly created departments of the Faculty of Law which commenced in the year 2017. It was carved out from the previously existing Department of Private Law till it was renamed the Department of Private and Property Law in the year 2017. All courses that are within the realm of business relationships like the law of contract and obligations, commercial transactions, banking and insurance relations, protection of intellectual property rights and copyright law, Labour and industrial relations law, taxation and corporate governance laws are domiciled there. The courses in the department have a code- LBI signifying Business and Industrial Law. It is an offshoot creation from the Department of Private Law. The Department of Business and Industrial Law thus now caters to courses within the sphere of commercial law, proprietary rights protection, intellectual property and industrial relations legal framework.

List of Courses Domiciled in the Department of Business and Industrial Law

LBI 203: Law of Contract I (4 Units)

LBI 204: Law of Contract II (4 Units)

LBI 207: Labour Law (4 Units)

LBI 208: Industrial Relations Law (4 Units)

LBI 305: Commercial Law I (4 Units)

LBI 306: Commercial Law II (4 Units)

LBI 307: Law of Intellectual Property (4 Units)

LBI 308: Law of Industrial Property (4 Units)

LBI 407: Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments (4 Units)

LBI 408: Law of Insurance (4 Units)

LBI 413: Law of Personal Taxation (4 Units)

LBI 414: Law of Business Taxation (4 Units)

LBI 503: Company Law I (4 Units)

LBI 504: Company Law II (4 Units)