Faculty of Law

Brief History of the Department

The department of Jurisprudence and International Law was created out of the department of Public Law at the 231st Senate meeting of the University held on 27th April, 2016. The department took effect from the 1st of August, 2016.

The philosophy of the department is to function within the context of the global philosophy of the Faculty. Thus, its broad aim is to equip the students with the requisite qualifications, skills and experience in the sphere of Legal Theory and International Law with the view to making them competent lawyers in public and private sectors of the Nigerian Economy. Courses in the Department are tailored after the NUC and Council of Legal Education approved syllabi and are to be reviewed from time to time to make them relevant to the need of the dynamic Nigerian society.

The Objectives of the Department are to:

  • expose students to the basic skills in courses available in the Department;
  • train the students and relate these subjects to their application in practice;
  • inculcate in the students the necessary skills to carry out independent research and at a more advanced level in these subject areas;
  • encourage collaborative partnership and linkages in training and research with other institutions of learning locally and internationally;
  • contribute to the manpower needs of the University, the country and the international community in the subject areas taught in the Department; and
  • attract funds and grants to promote research in Jurisprudence and International Law and related subjects

List of Courses Domiciled in the Department of Jurisprudence and International Law

LJI 101: Legal Method I (2 Units)

LJI 102: Legal Method II (2 Units)

LJI 205: Nigerian Legal System I (4 Units)

LJI 206: Nigeria Legal System II (4 Units)

LJI 215: Introduction to Computers (3 Units)

LJI 216: Application of Computers to Law (3 Units)

LJI 409: Conflict of Laws I (4 Units)

LJI 410: Conflict of Laws II (4 Units)

LJI 415: Legal Research Methodology (4 Units)

LJI 416: Clinical Legal Education (4 Units)

LJI 501: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (4 Units)

LJI 502: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory II (4 Units)

LJI 505: Public International Law I (4 Units)

LJI 506: Public International Law II (4 Units)

LJI 507: Law of International Trade I (4 Units)

LJI 508: Law of International Trade II (4 Units)

LJI 517: Law of Arbitration I (4 Units)

LJI 518: Law of Arbitration II (4 Units)

LJI 521: Women and the Law I (4 Units)

LJI 522: Women and the Law II (4 Units)

LJI 523: Cyber Law I (4 Units)

LJI 524: Cyber Law II (4 Units)